Cialis Consumer Warning: There are Dangers in Purchasing Illegally Produced Cialis

Since Cialis was approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 2003 as an effective cure of erectile dysfunction (ED) and in 2011 as a treatment to benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), the increase in the demand for this medication continues to rise. The growing demand and the changing market trends lead to the rise of some generic Cialis. This includes the increase in the sales and marketingof Cialis online. Its main manufacturer Eli Lilly and Co. is now faced with several other producers which are not FDA-certified. With that, even if Cialis is an effective medicine for people who suffer from enlargement of prostate glands and those who undergo erectile dysfunction problems, its consumers may face dangers from illegally produced Cialis.

The FDA and the United States Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) as well as Eli Lilly and Co. are working closely together to call the attention of the public against makers and importers of generic Cialis. Other organizations and websites are also helping in educating the people regarding the dangers of using non-FDA certified products. Generic forms of Cialis are mostly non-FDA approved. As it is, these medicines are illegal to sell and buy, especially in the United States. Without the certification, it is highly possible that the medicines are made in unsanitary laboratories, which are probably make-shift ones only.The FDA has assessed such medications which were tested to be unsafe for human consumption and are harmful to the health of consumers. Only the verification and approval of the FDA can assure the consumers that the products are made according to the market standards and with verifiable and authentic composition.

Most non-FDA approved drugs are those illegally imported in the country. FFDCA or the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act stipulates that a person can’t in any way import in the US prescription drugs which are not approved for trade by the FDA. The same goes for the misbranded or adulterated medicines according to the Act’s definition. This is to prohibit the entry of unverified medicines in the US market. In instances wherein an FDA-approved medication drug is exported by an individual who plans to send it back to the US again will be hindered. Only the original and approved manufacturer will be able to import the medicine back to the US. This way, both the manufacturers and the consumers are protected from unlawful makers of prescription drugs who may try to import non-authentic FDA-marked medicines.

Most of the Cialis importers try to sell their products online. They target online consumers who are looking for ways to purchase Cialis without the knowledge of other people and in lesser cost too. In purchasing Cialis online, it would be best to purchase them from online Cialis stores with US certified physician and pharmacist partners. These professional medical practitioners will not lay down their profession and sell illegal medicines. The online sellers of Cialis should also purchase their products from the main manufacturers which are FDA approved. Beware of online fake Cialis because these are not FDA approved and can be harmful to your health. Illegal manufacturers are not concerned with the composition of the products they produce as long as they get to produce it in lesser cost than usual. It may even contain harmful components which the consumers will be unaware of. The US government considers such medicines illegal and is therefore subject to unwarranted seizure. These products may be made in unregulated and unsafe factories which may use unknown and unverified substances that may be harmful to the body. Once taken in, these can start to affect other body parts and vital organs. Flushing out the negative effects of the medicine may be more harmful to the person affected.These drugs are generally not proven by the FDA to be safe and effective for use.

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Most illegal online sellers of generic Cialis are identifiable with the following marketing styles:

  • These sites sell “generic Cialis.” Others use the term “generic Tadalafil.”
  • They sell their products as cheaper forms of Cialis. This may console and encourage you to purchase from the site if you are unaware that there is only one form of Cialis. So don’t be deceived.
  • The price rate can go down as much as 70 percent lower than the original Cialis. This can be considered a major sign of inauthenticity. Only imported prescription drugs can lower the rate that far considering the lower production cost necessary in their country.
  • They pitch in to be World Health Organization (WHO) approved sellers when in fact, the organization does not review nor approve any drugs in the market. Only FDA can verify prescription drugs.
  • The product itself is not similar with the usual color, shape and marking as the Eli Lilly and Co.-produced Cialis. If it looks different, then it must be really coming from a different source than the original manufacturer.
  • Delivery schedule of the product may run from 4 to 21 days. This is primarily due to the shipping of the product from a foreign country to the US. Again, no prescription drugs can be imported to the US. If it comes from abroad then it must be illegal and can be confiscated any time.
  • A non-local postal service provider initiates the shipping to decrease the risks of detection and seizure in the country. Once detected and confiscated, the medicine will go directly to the appropriate agency instead of you receiving it.

More to the point, your awareness to these strategies is vital. Consumers of Cialis must always be alert to avoid being misled in purchasing seemingly original Cialis in a cheaper form. Bear in mind that when in the US, drugs must contain the FDA seal of approval which naturally comes with a price as well. Rarely do US pharmaceutical companies, especially the leading ones, sell their products with a great markdown. If you want authentic Cialis to ensure you get quality products with visible results, be willing to pay the price.

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